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Student Services

At VCHTM we are dedicated to providing all our students with the very best support services, so that they have a successful academic and personal experience. In addition to the normal support services, international students are provided with a range of specialist services such as assistance with resume-writing and looking for internships. Students have access to welfare-related support services to assist with issues that may arise during their study, including program progress, attendance requirements and accommodation. These services are made available to all VCHTM students such as :

Student Well being and Emotional Support

  • Emergency & health Services
  • Counseling Services etc
  • Complaints & appeals process

Orientation Week

Orientation week is organized by the before the beginning of every semester. All students are given information covering the services, policies, procedures, the course and the detailed training plan at the student’s arrival to the college.

Accommodation Booking

If you need VCHTM to arrange for Temporary or Permanent student accommodation, please email the request to VCHTM at admission@vchtm.com

Arrival Form


Arrival Informations


Departure informations (only for Summer Program)